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DGY Investments - Reasons to Invest in Ukraine

If you are looking for ways to invest in Ukraine, you have probably already heard of DGY Investments. However, the country has more to offer than just the real estate market. In this article, we will discuss how FDI in Ukraine can improve the country's economy. In addition, we'll discuss how DGY Investments works to help foreign investors invest in the country. For more information, please visit Long term business page.

Investing in Ukraine

While most investors focus on Emerging Market countries, it is important to remember that there are many cheap, attractive investment opportunities in unstable countries, including Ukraine. For example, while Ukraine's economic reforms are not sustainable, Russia's potential invasion could result in a large drop in the country's currency. However, this could be a temporary setback if Ukraine proves to be a stable investment option in the future.

DGY Investments

Real estate investors may wonder how DGY Investments manages properties in Ukraine. Well, they are actually a property management and real estate services company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. DGY Investments has an extensive knowledge of the Ukrainian property market, and they know what to look for in a property in the country. Here are some reasons to invest in Ukraine property through DGY Investments.

FDI sources

The current political and economic environment in Ukraine is a good one for foreign investors. Ukraine's political system is based on civil law, with a parliamentary body known as the Verkhovna Rada. However, contracts related to foreign investments fall under the jurisdiction of commercial courts. Under Ukraine's Foreign Investment Law, disputes arising from contracts between a foreign investor and a Ukrainian company must be resolved by the Ukrainian courts.

Real estate

Many investors in the real estate market in Ukraine have expressed their interest in the country's property market. However, many of them are wary of investing in Ukraine because of its illegitimate laws and political instability. There is a strong need for governmental support to make the country a safe haven for foreign investment. In Ukraine, the State Register and Land Cadastre are important resources for property owners. The Land Cadastre stores geospatial information about real estate in the country.


Poland is a leader in the international community in supporting the fight against Putin, and its government and citizens have been extraordinarily generous. As such, the UK is proud to count Poland as a friend and partner in the fight against the Russian government. On 17 July, the UK hosted a UK-Ukraine Infrastructure Summit, where 120 delegates from both countries discussed the scale of the challenge in rebuilding Ukraine. The meeting concluded with an agreement for longer-term support, including PS3.5 billion in financial capacity for UK exporters and Ukrainian buyers.


Foreign investors are interested in investing in the agricultural sector in Ukraine. The country is home to a large area of fertile land and is a major player in the EU. Unlike other investments, agriculture has many limitations. Its economic cycle is highly dependent on natural factors, and it also does not develop as quickly as industry and service sectors. Therefore, foreign investors should carefully assess their investment plans before making them. Read on to find out how to invest in Ukrainian agriculture.

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